Why Bloom?

At The Bloom Organization, we recognize tenants have a choice and not all landlords are the same. So what makes a good landlord?

The answer begins with professional property management. At Bloom, our team is focused on property management full time with systems in place to ensure routine maintenance, building enhancements and timely responses. Professional property managers also have the knowledge, resources and expertise to react quickly and efficiently to tenant and property issues. It is this steadfast commitment that builds long-term tenant relations.

Financial Stability

One of the most important factors is the stability of a landlord. Far too many properties are owned by firms or individuals who do not have the capital needed to properly maintain the building and surrounding exterior. Such financial deficiencies can also lead to foreclosure and related issues that may affect the tenant and their business.

Continuity of Service

Tenants benefit from a continuity of service – from leasing arrangements to move-in coordination then throughout occupancy - by one source. With this type of landlord/tenant relationship, we proudly have a retention rate of 90% and vacancies less than the industry average. Further, our vast portfolio of office and industrial space affords tenants the ability to expand or downsize as needed while working with the same team to find new space that fits their business requirements.

In-House Professionals

At Bloom, our 45-person team is employed by the firm and includes leasing representatives, property managers, an in-house architect and full accounting staff. In the field, experts in carpentry, HVAC, landscaping and other trade professionals are all full-time employees as well. Together, we provide personalized service and share insights with tenants, prospective clients, brokers and industry peers on a regular basis.

Market Expertise

With 120 buildings totaling 3 million square feet of commercial space in Burlington and Camden counties, we have a strong footprint within South Jersey. This geographic focus has strengthened our presence and furthered an understanding of the specific marketplace. With years of experience, quality construction of both single buildings and full industrial parks has been complemented with knowledgeable insight in areas important for business – location, accessibility, ceiling heights, loading areas, parking, etc.

Quality Construction

Tenants should closely evaluate the building’s physicality. Is the facility well-kept or is there the appearance of deferred maintenance? When visiting a building, our eyes are always open to see if there is any area that needs to be addressed. The Bloom buildings, which range in size from 1,000 to 115,000 square feet, are a combination of office and industrial properties, 90% of which were built by our in-house team. We are responsive to tenant requests and proactive with a long-term program for building enhancements and on-going maintenance. As needed, tenant fit-outs are planned and executed within the proposed timeline to deliver with little or no disruption in operations.

In the end, open communication is one of the roots of our success. Just as seasons change, so do the needs of tenants. We are dedicated to staying on the forefront – not only reacting to needs but also creating positive changes that improves the future marketplace and our community as a whole.